Maria Di is a Portuguese artist who was taught by the painter Pinheiro de Santamaria, who in turn was taught by the British painter Enid Mithell. She has exhibited in some solo and group shows in Portugal mainland, Lisbon, Sintra, Estoril and Azores where she lives and works.

Those of us who have the privilege of knowing and deprive of this human being, are aware of how much goodness and purity exists in their way of being and being. With a keen sensitivity and linked to the creation of Mother Earth, develops a coherent and intuitive complex reasoning to interconnect with the whole of existence. In their daily walks and in constant dialogue with the surroundings, she talks to all beings: trees, fishes, birds, and lately with the stones and the rolled pebble. They convey to her: seize me, skirt the shapes and I’ll instruct you my stories. Thus are born the series of “Skirted Stones”, which refers to the imaginary of the art of filigree and contemporary artists like Basquiat and Keith Haring.

Pinheiro de Santamaria (August 3, 2014).